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Trackman 4

Trackman 4 is a 3D Doppler Dual Tracking Golf Radar.

One radar system tracks everything the club does before, during, and after impact - from commonly known parameters like Club Path and Face Angle to Swing Direction and Spin Loft. The other radar system tracks the full ball flight - from launch to landing and everything in between; including Launch Angle, Spin Rate and curvature

TrackMan 4 is a Dual Radar Technology is a significant milestone in the evolution of golf instruction, coaching, fitting, and entertainment.

Sounds too much technology ?

That 's what we thought too until FG has started learning more about it and now we realize that this instrument is essential to progress as a teacher and as a player. And that is why you see almost everyone on the PGA, LPGA and European Tour is using it. The data is straight forward and helps players of all levels to advance their skills.

FG encourages anyone who has questions about this product to visit the Trackman  site. Watch videos and read as much as possible. The people behind this product are as impressive as the product itself and they share a lot of knowledge on their site. Go online and find out for yourself how Trackman can improve your game. Learning golf can be fun!



Trackman 4




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