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FG heeft deelgenomen aan volgende opleidingen in 2011.


PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit - Orlando, Florida (USA)

  • New Rules Golf Instruction - Charlie King
  • Alignments are Forever - Lynn Blake
  • Out of the Park Power - Derek Shelton, David Donatucci
  • Getting Paid to Create Golfers - Del Ratcliffe
  • The Importance Beyond the "Coach" - Lou Holtz
  • Technology Roundtable - Chris Hart, Mark Connell, Mike Bentley
  • Psychology and Emotions in Sports Performance - John Haine, Simon Jenkins
  • Zero-ing on Putting Success - Mark Sweeney
  • "Seven Days in Utopia" - Dr. David Cook
  • The Path to Positive Putting Performance - Michael Breed
  • Coaching for High Performance - Lynn Marriott, Pia Nilsson
  • Efficient Transfer Techniques - Mike Bender
  • Golf Club Performance and the D-Plane Ball Flight Model - Ed Mitchell, James Leitz
  • Challenges in Coaching - Ken Green, Jim Estes
  • A Personal Study of Impact - Bobby Clampett
  • Top Ten Ways to Better Results - Todd Anderson
  • "PGA Research and Ball Flight Patterns" - Matt Frelich, Eric Alpenfeis, Dr. Gary Wiren
  • 60 years of Teaching, What's Old is New Again - Bob Toski

PGA of America Junior Golf Summit - Pinehurst, North Carolina (USA)

  • Developing Expertise in Youth through Sport - Dr. Paul Schempp
  • Golf Skills, Innovative Ways to Create Golf Skills - John Godwin, Rudy Duran
  • Golf Fitness and Nutrition for Juniors - David Donatucci, Suzy Whaley
  • Interactive Focus Groups & Best Practice Sharing - Suzy Whaley
  • Game Assessments, Ways to Measure Progress - Scott Lancaster
  • Framework for my Junior Golf Program - Rudy Duran
  • Physical Skills, Physical Exercices and Games - David Donatucci, Suzy Whaley
  • Developing the Core Junior Golfer - Henry Brunton

The 1st Ever Flightscope Convention - Long Island, New York (USA)

  • The History of Flightscope & How the Radar Operates - Henri Johnson, David Nel
  • The D Plane & Initial Trajectory of the Ball - Michael Jacobs 
  • Three Dimensional Modeling of a Golf Swing - Dr. Steven Nesbit
  • Golf Club Deflection as a Function of Swing Hub Path - Dr. Steven Nesbit
  • Interpreting Flightscope Screens and Data - Michael Jacobs, David Nel
  • Marketing Your Services & The Future of Flightscope - Henri Johnson, David Nel
  • Forces & Torques on a Golf Club Speed & Acceleration Profile on a Flightscope - Dr. Steven Nesbit
  • Golfer’s Impact with the Ball Double Pendulum Modeling of a Golf Shot - Dr. Aaron Zick

V1 Training & Education Workshop - Orlando, Florida (USA)

  • V1 Pro Overview
  • V1 Branded Academies

Further Education PGA of Belgium - Brussel

  • Karl Morris, The Mind Factor
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