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Opleidingen 2013

PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit - Orlando, Florida (USA) 

  • Secrets of the Short Game - Dave Stockton Sr. and Ron Stockton
  • Understanding & Developing Individual Athletic Personality - Mike Malaska
  • Coaching the Wave of the Future - Will Robins
  • How to Grow as a Coach - Martin Hall
  • Keeping Your Platinum Player in the Game - Michael Breed
  • A Coach's Lifetime Perspective - Bobby Bowden
  • What Swing Secret is Shared by Great Players Then and Today - John Novosel
  • Peak Performance through Emotional Mastery and the Infinity Power of the Mind - Tim Kremer
  • Changing Structure & Movement Patterns. How they Relate - Dr. Joe LaCaze
  • How to grow your Teaching Business - Mike Bender, Cheryl Anderson, Ed Ibarguen and Chris Thomson
  • The Challenging Lie. Issues of Developing Players - Dr. Stephen Norris
  • Building your Brand. How to be an instrumental Ambassador to the Growth of Golf - Michael Breed
  • A Lifetime Coaching Talent to Reach Full Potential. Creating a Personal Game Plan - Randy Smith, Todd Anderson, Mike Bender and Chuck Cook
  • How a Teacher becomes a Coach. Building Long Term Relationships - Andy Hilts
  • What we can Learn from Great Coaches - Dr. Paul Schempp
  • How Swing Cues Influence Swing Changes. What research says about Teaching with Video - Dr. Bob Christina and Eric Alpenfels
  • Coaching & Relationships: Combining the Elements for a Championship Performance - Joe Hallett and LPGA Player of the Year 2012, Stacy Lewis
  • Developing the Young Player - Jim McClean
  • Preparation & Execution to Compete at the Highest Level - Ian Poulter


V1 Training & Education Workshop - Orlando, Florida (USA)

  • V1 Pro Overview
  • V1 Branded Academies


The Unstoppable Golfer - Orlando, Florida (USA)

  • Trusting Your Mind & Your Short Game to Achieve Greatness - Dr. Bob Rotella


TPI - Titleist Performance Institute - Orlando, Florida (USA)

  • TPI Certified Golf Coach GC2
  • Basics of Coaching
  • The 4 steps to Mastery
  • The Business of Coaching


Pete Cowen - Koksijde, België

  • My theory on the golfswing


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