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Opleidingen 2014


V1 Training & Education Workshop - Orlando, Florida (USA)

  • V1 Pro Overview
  • V1 Branded Academies


Butch Harmon & Claude Harmon III - Orlando, Florida (USA)

  • Each in his own way, the Harmon brothers carry on the legacy of their father


TPI - Titleist Performance Institute - Orlando, Florida (USA)

  • TPI Certified Power Coach PC2
  • Developing more Ball Speed
  • Explore all the options to increase Body, Club and Ball Speed.


TPI - Titleist Performance Institute - Orlando, Florida (USA)

  • TPI Certified Golf Mechanics GM2
  • Understanding Ball Flights
  • Modifying Ball Flight
  • Kinematic Sequence
  • The Body-Swing Connection
  • Wrist and Ankle Screens


PGA of Belgium - Brian Manzella, Top 50 Teacher USA - Hulencourt, Belgium

  • The Science behind the golfswing


PGA of Belgium - Flightscope - Hulencourt, Belgium

  • Level 2: Keeping pace with the technology race


World Golf Fitness Summit - Carlsbad, Californië (USA)

  •  The 2014 WGFS brings together over 40 of the world’s thought leaders in athletic performance to discuss the latest research and practical application of this year’s theme, “The Art of Coaching,” headlined by legendary NFL coach, Dick Vermeil.  http://www.mytpi.com/wgfs


TPI - Titleist Performance Institute -Oceanside, Californië (USA)

  • TPI Certified Golf Mechanics GM3
  • Wedges by James Sieckman
  • The Art of teaching Putting
  • Vision, the Eyes are the Gateway to the brain
  • Club Fitting Consideration


Merry Christmas 🎄 🥂 https://t.co/eNrWAccnnw
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