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Opleidingen 2015

 PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit - Orlando, Florida (USA)  

  • Full Swing Student Live / Presentation (Mid-Handicap) Mike Adams, PGA
  • Putting, Game Within a Game: Technique or the putter that spins, rolls or bounces the ball? Paul Hurrion (UK)
  • Full Swing Student Live / Presentation Sean Foley
  • "Why Your Student's Game Won't Travel to the Golf Course" Dr. Tomasi, PGA & Dr. Guadagnoli
  • Jason Dufner, PGA: Live Lesson / Presentation (PGA Tour Player) Chuck Cook, PGA
  • Interview with Hall of Famer Nancy Lopez Interviewer: Gary Wiren, PGA
  • PGA of America: The Importance of Teaching to the Game PGA CEO Pete Bevacqua
  • Live Student - Use of Technology in Your Lessons Chris Como & Bernie Najar, PGA
  • Mastering the Wedge Game: Identifying, Understanding & Teaching the keys to a Tour Quality Wedge Game James Ridyard (UK)
  • Sharing Their Latest Work - Two 30 min. Presentations David Leadbetter, PGA & Jim Hardy, PGA
  • Connecting With Women: "From Our Perspective" Moderator: Damon Hack - Panel: Gale Peterson, PGA; Kellie Stenzel, PGA; Krista Dunton, PGA; Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen, PGA
  • Full Swing Student Live / Presentation Butch Harmon & Jim McLean, PGA
  • World Golf Teacher Hall of Fame Members Panel Moderator: Ed Ibarguen, PGA - Panel: Butch Harmon; David Leadbetter, PGA; Jim Hardy, PGA; Jim McLean, PGA; Mike Adams, PGA; Chuck Cook, PGA
  • Greg Norman, PGA Interviewer: Michael Breed, PGA


PGA of BELGIUM - Damme, Belgium

  • Player Development - Jonathan Wallett
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