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Opleidingen 2017

15th PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit, "The Pursuit of Excellence" - Orlando, Florida (USA)

  • Understanding & Developing Ground Reaction Forces - Mike Adams, Dr. Scott Lynn
  • Deveoping a World-Class Junior Program - Henry Brunton, Dr. Rick Jensen
  • Elements of a Golf Swing  - Michael Jacobs
  • The Art of Coaching Wedge Performance - James Sieckmann
  • Driving Instruction, Increasing Distance - Sandy LaBauve, Randy Smith, Andrew Rice
  • Teaching Putting - Todd Sones, Kevin Weeks
  • Excellence in Teaching - Dr. Bhrett McCabe
  • GolfTec: Swing-TRU Motion Study - Nick Clearwater
  • Faults & Fixes - ana Rader, Brady Riggs, Brad Redding
  • Ground Forces and Their Impact with Body Mechanics - Dr. Mike Duffey, Eric Handley
  • The Future of Technology in Coaching - Dave Phillips
  • Building a Golf Factory: Creating New Golfers - Tony Martinez, Chris Carpenter, Matt Reagan
  • Live Lesson: Connecting Your Body to Your Swing - Todd Anderson, Randy Myers
  • Building a Champion - Cameron McCormick
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